After a long ground work process, we have finalized the land and the first buildings are visible on the plot. The construction is progressing according to schedule, and we can already see signs of how the center of Helsinki Outlet will look like on opening in fall 2019.

Soon we will install a large signage on the building to be displayed during the construction period. The sign will be clearly visible to the 2.5 million annual visitors to our neighbors IKEA, as well as from the two busiest highways in the country.

Helsinki Outlet viewed from highway

Working with our brand partners

Quality of operations is one of the most important critical success factors to an outlet village. An outlet village differs significantly to regular shopping malls in terms how they are operated. The most important difference is that success depends on the close relationship between the brand partners and the owner/operator of the outlet village.

By brand partners we mean the owners of the stores in the outlet village. We believe that the close relationship between the brand partners and the outlet owners is one of the main reasons why outlet villages around the world outperform regular shopping malls and traditional retail.

Assembling the Helsinki Outlet team

We are about to start the recruitment process to hire our Helsinki Outlet team. We are searching for the best people Finland has to offer, which will form the team responsible for the day-to-day operation of the center.

Gerben Boomsma

As part of this strategy, we are delighted to announce the inclusion of Gerben Boomsma. Gerben has a strong track record in successfully managing the operation of several outlet villages in the Netherlands and Germany. In addition, Gerben has solid experience in retail, such as being the retail director of Puma in Northern Europe.

Combining our experience of developing the best performing outlet village in the Nordics, Norwegian Outlet, we are confident that we will have the team needed to make Helsinki Outlet a success.